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Sunny Patel - Caged Monkeys Dialogue


Filmed and directed by Gavin McAlinden

The Long Goodbye (Featured as Supporting Actor)


Photography by Michael Brosnan

Acting Credits

A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Play Title, by William Shakespeare
  • Directed by Gavin McAlinden
  • Produced by The Acting Gymnasium
  • Staged at Theatro Technis, Camden for 8 shows on August 2017
  • Character played: Francis Flute

The Misanthrope

  • Play Title, by Moliere
  • Directed by Gavin McAlinden
  • Produced by The Acting Gymnasium
  • Theatro Technis. Dates are (16th April – 4th May)
  • Character played: Alceste
  • 8 performances

A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Play Title, by william shakespeare.
  • Directed by Gavin McAlinden
  • Produced by The Acting Gymnasium
  • Theatro Technis. 2018, 8 shows performed between 19th April – 5th May.
  • Character played: Francis Flute and Egeus..

The Gap

  • Play Title, by Umbrella Productions
  • Directed by Umbrella Productions
  • Produced by Umbrella Productions
  • Chelsea Theatre, (31st May – 3rd June 2018).
  • Character played: Nick.



London Theatre 1

A triumphant makeover, this is worth seeing. It’s not plot-heavy, and the goading and dismissive sarcasm of Alceste (a highly convincing Sunil Patel) fits the la-de-dah environment of the fashion industry in which he finds himself.

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Our misanthrope, Alceste, dramatically and impressively performed by Sunil Patel, is a highly demanding designer. (In some ways he reminds me of Daniel Day-Lewis’s character in the Academy Award-winning film Phantom Thread.) There are moments of sheer brilliance in Moliere’s 17th century play, The Misanthrope, and it is no surprise that it has been dubbed his best play.

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Close Up Culture

It is all rather enjoyable fare, set to some super music (Lily Allen, Coldplay and more besides). Mentions of the BBC, flashing camera and club bouncers give it all a modern feel. Stand out performances are delivered by Sunil Patel, McLanachan and Kinshuck.

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Breaking the Fourth Wall

As a photographer, Alceste (Sunil Patel) is revered, but as someone bereft of ‘social skills’, his ‘Grinch-like’ behaviour is also widely noticed.there’s a quality to Alceste that’s like Nick Hornby’s ‘David Grant’ in How To Be Good (‘the angriest man in Holloway’) who isn’t ‘happy’ unless he has something to be angry about.

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Photography by Michael Brosnan

Photography by Michael Brosnan

Theatro Technis stage

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